Modernizing Healthcare Technology to Transform Care

Transforming Healthcare using Digital Technologies

Healthcare organizations are adopting cloud technology to transform care and improve operational outcomes.
Cloud Modernization for Healthcare is a specialty for Cynosure-Technologies Consulting. There is a historical period of modernization and consolidation in this sector. Two major concerns Healthcare organizations face that a patient’s life depends on are:

Cynosure-Technologies Consulting leverages Microsoft three clouds (Azure, Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365) and Microsoft Cloud For Healthcare for transformational healthcare delivery to convert data into actionable insights, innovate new products & services, achieve higher levels of processes automation, and deliver better patient outcomes.

Responsive IT Systems

Security of Patient Personal Identifiable Information

Discover the key needs and struggles Healthcare organizations face when it comes to modern solutions.

We are helping healthcare companies innovate & accelerate their cloud journey to deliver better outcomes

Migrating to the cloud is imperative in healthcare to achieve digital transformation. Cynosure-Technologies, a Microsoft Managed Partner, is helping healthcare customers migrate legacy technology to the cloud and transforming data & applications to unlock new value and cuts costs.

Our cloud services focus on Telemedicine Capabilities, Regulatory Requirements, Seamless Care Collaboration, and Robust Network Security. We will work with you to determine the right cloud modernization strategy, roadmap, combining our deep industry insights to enable productivity, efficiency, security using Microsoft Technology. We help you execute seamless modernization to the cloud that is secure, agile, and cost-effective with our high-performance delivery methodology.

Our unique 3-trier approach with our solution offers allows us to best align our processes with your organizational needs.

Healthcare Start Starting at $1,600+

Learn more about how we customize and implement your strategy.

Healthcare Accelerate Starting at $3,200+

Learn more about how we customize and implement your strategy.

Healthcare Optimize Starting at $4,800+

Learn more about how we unlock the full power of your cloud solution

Managed Services for Healthcare Managed Services for Healthcare

To ensure that your customized cloud solution is successful, it is critical that you select from one of our managed service offers. This will allow our team of experts to consistently support, optimize, and manage your cloud solution so you can dedicate more time to provide better patient experience, insights, and care.

Modernizing Healthcare Technology to Transform Care