Lightning Development

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Lighting Development

Salesforce Lightning is the most innovative user interface to enhance customer experience and efficiency. That alone makes it vital to the success of your Salesforce organization. With its lightning-fast features, you can achieve more output and customize it as per requirement. It means more production from reports, dashboards, apps, Visualforce Pages, etc. Our Salesforce lightning services can help develop and implement successfully, lowering your turnaround time to a great extent.


Salesforce Lightning Features

With the increased UI features one can create tasks, events, log calls, send emails and track all activities in the workspace. Thus, you can perform multitude of tasks efficiently.

Dashboards with more than two and three columns with filters can be created for better visual experience.

List views can be created with intuitive filters  for better data slicing.

Offering the ease of performing the activities mentioned above with drag and drop has made it faster and convenient to work with.

The Homepage comes with many customisations which smart and intelligent. Performance can be monitored with the help of Performance Chart and insights on each and every activity can be obtained. News about customers, partners can be viewed, helping you stay updated.

Lightning Solutions

As we continue to add more services to our Salesforce Lightning Solution practice, coupled with a proven delivery model and years of experience, we can extend your business goals far beyond your primary expectations through Salesforce platform development with Lightning components. Our salesforce development team resolves diverse integration scenarios. Due to the profound feature set of the system, its integration enhances workflow optimization and overall enterprise productivity – at a reasonable cost. We help businesses in the USA, UK, and Australia achieve substantial operational efficiency and improved user experience while switching to Lightning.



Single Page Responsive Apps (SPAs) are one of the unique features of Salesforce Lightning Services, which can be created using a re-usable lightning component framework without affecting the quality of work and avoiding typing the codes all over again.

Web Application

With Salesforce’s lightning-fast features and our experience, building a web application is no hassle. If there is a need for cross-platform development, we are always ready to assist you.

Lightning App

We have Ready and Customisable that would suit your requirements for managed and unmanaged apps. One can build amazing apps using the drag and drop feature; if any issues are there, we are here to help.


Combining Salesforce’s existing features with some customizations, we can build solutions to connect you to communities that would help make the process swifter and help connect to other users and communicate better.

Migrate from Salesforce Classic to lightning view

With advanced features such as swift application development, better portal development, and Lightning for Visualforce, one must consider moving to Lightning view from Classic. Migration can be tedious, but when you are with one of the best recognized Salesforce development companies in India, you need not worry. With the expertise of our developers, we would make this process smooth.


Salesforce Responsive Application

Our team provided a responsive application that leverages the Lightning Component framework’s HTML5/AJAX user experience. This was wrapped with a Native App and the essential features connector to provide access to a phone/tablets contact list. The solution dramatically increased the effectiveness of sales representatives and its adoption by removing the necessity to manage contact lists – directly in Salesforce.

SaaSnic Support

We provide and support all the necessary data integration, business logic, security layers, and privacy policy for successful integration into Salesforce Lightning, which results in seamless information and activities interchange within your organization. Our development team converted the diversified CRM system to a consistent developer and end-user Salesforce Lightning solution. We have a team of experienced professionals to provide Salesforce Lightning Development services.