Microsoft Teams

Enable Remote Working and Productivity with Teams

Today’s modern workplace is changing at lightning speed, with distributed teams, work from home, disparate systems, and access to different data sources. To keep with these needs, organizations need to implement the right tools to transform the way employees collaborate and communicate.

Office 365 is now Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365, a cloud-based productivity solution transforming the way you work. Microsoft 365 brings together the best-in-class productivity apps, intelligent cloud services, device management, and world-class security to help your employees work more efficiently and simplify IT your management to drive business growth.

Cynosure-Technologies Consulting helps you discover and realize the full potential of cloud-based collaboration tools. Our collaboration experts enhance your Microsoft 365 experience with onboarding, migrations, monitoring, support, and accelerate the adoption of Microsoft 365 to foster a culture of innovation.

Discover how Microsoft Teams is transforming the way employees work, enhance collaboration and drive productivity.

With Teams, you can give your team built-in access to everything they need – manage your conversations, and files. Easy and instant access to SharePoint, OneNote, and Power BI. Create, edit, and share documents in Teams.

It enables you to easily integrate with open source libraries and operate in a shared, interactive work environment that boosts productivity, while modernizing your warehouse in the data cloud for increased scalability.

Discover how Microsoft Teams is Empowering the Digital Workplace

One place for conversations

Stay connected with calls, chats, and meetings within your team, in private or small group conversations. Join your meetings with HD audio and video, all in one place, instead of multiple applications.

Share your files, applications, during meetings. Review important moments later with transcriptions of recorded meetings. Meet your teams – be it 10, 100 or 10000.

Integrated Office 365 Experience

Office apps and services that you use every day—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Stream, and Power BI—are built-in giving access to your favorite tools & apps to stay productive.

Access, edit and share your word docs, presentations, and excel files in real-time. Microsoft Teams brings content, chat, people, and tools together – all in one hub.

Enterprise security, compliance & manageability

Customize your teams workspace to include vital cloud services, apps, data your teams use every day. Add intelligent BOTs to interact with Teams. Access third party apps like Trello, GitHub, SurveyMonkey and other frequently used documents, websites using Tabs and Connectors.

Add your favorite third-party services/applications or build custom applications for your business needs.


Enterprise security, compliance & manageability

Security, compliance, and management features you expect from Office 365 – Data encryption, and Multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection.

Teams provides organization and team-wide two-factor authentication. Single sign-on through Azure Active Directory. Encryption of data in transit and at rest. Files are stored in SharePoint and are backed by SharePoint encryption.

As Remote Working is set to become new norm, ask how you leverage Microsoft Teams to empower employees and enhance productivity