Dynamics 365 Sales

Unlock Sales Productivity in the Digital Era

Empower your sales team with data, and insights they need to discover new leads, and close more deals, faster. With built-in intelligence and tools, Dynamics 365 for Sales builds buyer relationships and increases sales profitably — a smarter way to sell, thanks to advanced, AI-infused customer insights. Dynamics 365 Sales enables your sales team to drive more personalized, meaningful engagement by unifying relationship data from Dynamics 365, Office 365, and LinkedIn.

Azure Databricks

Uncover key business insights from your data sets and create artificial intelligence (AI) solutions with this fast and collaborative Azure analytics platform. We can set you up on the Apache Spark™ environment in minutes.

It enables you to easily integrate with open source libraries and operate in a shared, interactive work environment that boosts productivity, while modernizing your warehouse in the data cloud for increased scalability.

Dynamics 365 Sales Capabilities

Smarter Insights with AI

Sell smarter with actionable insights like lead score, advanced scoring models, and relationship health based on intelligence. Integration with Dynamics 365 for Sales and Office 365 provides all the tools required in the sales cycle.

Dynamics 365 Sales helps increase response rates through prospects by improved collaboration. It provides insights on how customers interact with emails enabling you to take the next best action.

Personal Engagement

Strengthen customer relationships by helping sellers be relevant with up to the moment data and insights from Office 365, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Dynamics 365. Real-time collaboration and personalize documents with integrated Office 365 tools. Unify relationship data with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build trust and manage relationships.

Track your contacts with built-in interactive organization charts. Improve sales engagement by combining customer data with survey insights. It helps you drive more personalized engagements through LinkedIn, and Dynamics 365 with Microsoft relationship sales.

Optimize effectiveness

Transform from data entry to guiding sellers’ people to the next best action to take with the customers. Provides your sales team social insights, company information and additional insights to help target the right contact, leads, and opportunities.

Contextual insights in Dynamics 365 for sales helps you close more deals, faster. Provides 360-degree view of the customer to deliver personalized experiences.

Boost Sales Productivity

Provide your sales team with real-time insights, intelligence, dashboards, and predictive analytics to give visibility into forecasting for the future. Increase sales team productivity by reducing manual data entry by scanning business cards and adding a record in Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Teams integration enables your team to collaborate across locations, geography on document sharing, meetings, and chats. Pre-built workflows allow to hand off sale’s ready leads from marketing to sales.

Accelerate Sales Performance

Empower your sales team to work from anywhere on any device so that they can share customer information in real-time. Integration with favorite productivity tools like Outlook, Skype for Business enables the sales team to perform their job better.

Improve your sales performance with AI-powered insights, conversation intelligence, and relationship analytics. Dynamics 365 Sales helps your sales team identify at-risk deals through built-in coaching tools. It also helps analyze your sales pipeline changes through deal flow visualization.

Add prebuilt, customizable, applications

Integrate applications from Microsoft and other partners to enhance your sales processes. Leverage AppSource to do more with Dynamics 365.

Easily create custom applications and connect with Dynamics 365 to solve your business problem with no additional code development.

Discover how your sales team reclaim time to sell smarter with connected, intelligent CRM to accomplish more.